Working at Amazon

Amazon employees working at a cafe

I found my path at Amazon

After completing his Baccalaureate in Business Studies, Djebar jumped from sales position to sales position before joining Amazon. He loved the atmosphere and quickly progressed through the ranks, in turn discovering through various roles that his true passion was in team management.

Thank you Amazon teams

Right now, delivering the things people need has never been more important. To all our Amazon teams on the floor, and on the road - thank you.

What’s it like to work in data centers?

We spoke to three Amazon employees working in our data center network about their roles working to support Amazon Web Services' cloud computing infrastructure.

Women powering Amazon

Building the future on behalf of Amazon customers.

“Excitement at the opportunity is what keeps me awake at night.”

Richard Marriott is the Country Manager for, up and running since September 2018.

Return to work after a career break with the AWS Returners Programme

Meet three Amazon employees who joined Amazon Web Services after taking time out

Amazon UK named a Top 10 Inclusive Employer by British LGBT+ Awards

Our place in the Top 10 recognises our long-term commitment to supporting members of the LGBT+ communities among our employees and customers.

The love behind your order

From Euclid, OH to Coventry, U.K, read how associates across the globe found their perfect partner.

"It's not magic. It's math."

Amazon funds graduate-school-level training for its employees through Machine Learning University.
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