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Meet Cynthia, Recruitment Coordinator Lead about her experience with working and parenting over the past two months

The transition to working from home is a challenge especially as there is no boundaries between the personal space and the professional one. The new change to working remotely is especially difficult for parents, who also need to take care of their children. Here at Amazon, we see this as one of the most rewarding transitions that allows more flexibility and be closer to home while developing your career as well. How can parents remain calm while balancing life and work? We interviewed, Cynthia Secci, who shares her experience over the last two months and how Amazon supported her in this change.

“Bringing a diversity of perspectives is one of the best opportunities to keep our culture vibrant, open, inclusive, and connected to our customers”

Meet Francois Saugier, Amazon’s Vice President for EU Seller Services and Lead for Woman@ affinity group in Luxembourg

Meet our new recruits

As the coronavirus outbreak transformed our concept of ‘normality’, people from different walks of life had to put their business on hold. For many of them, a temporary role at Amazon has provided a welcome opportunity, and a way to step up at a challenging time.

Meet Ryan Frank: What it is like to lead and work at Amazon Marketplace

We recently asked Ryan Frank, Head of Marketplace in Spain about what has excited and inspired him throughout his personal and professional life. Read below to learn more.

Beating isolation with exercise

Amazonian María Jover has become the personal trainer of many of her colleagues with her training sessions inspired by the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) method, from Australian “fitgirl” Kayla Itsines.

I found my path at Amazon

After completing his Baccalaureate in Business Studies, Djebar jumped from sales position to sales position before joining Amazon. He loved the atmosphere and quickly progressed through the ranks, in turn discovering through various roles that his true passion was in team management. He now works in the Amazon Logistics Human Resources Department and has never been happier.

Amazon’s actions to help employees, communities, and customers affected by COVID-19

A roundup of actions Amazon has taken to reduce the spread of the coronavirus while supporting those directly and indirectly impacted by COVID-19.

Thank you Amazon teams

Right now, delivering the things people need has never been more important. To all our Amazon teams on the floor, and on the road - thank you.

What’s it like to work in data centers?

We spoke to three Amazon employees working in our data center network about their roles working to support Amazon Web Services' cloud computing infrastructure.
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