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Amazon Wind Farm Texas
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Reuse Amazon packaging to recycle electrical and electronic equipment

Amazon goes above and beyond to ensure our customers receive their products fast, safe and sound. Our packaging plays a significant role in our customer satisfaction goals. However, did you know that you can reuse the Amazon packaging you receive to recycle small electrical and electronic equipment?

Amazon pledges support to forests and communities in the Brazilian Amazon

As part of our commitment to The Climate Pledge—reaching net-zero carbon by 2040—Amazon is investing in the Agroforestry and Restoration Accelerator, a new nature-based carbon removal initiative.

Encouraging more companies to take action on climate change

Amazon is working to raise awareness about the importance of organizations setting carbon reduction goals and investing in zero- and low-carbon technologies.

Swedish financial services leader Klarna joins The Climate Pledge

Klarna is the newest signatory to The Climate Pledge, committing to reach net-zero carbon by 2040.

Amazon invests in ION Energy to help economy shift to low-carbon

ION Energy is the first India-based startup supported by The Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 billion investment programme to help develop sustainable and decarbonising tech and services.

Amazon becomes largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the U.S.

Amazon is already the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in Europe and globally, with 232 projects around the world, enough to power 7 million average EU homes.

Amazon invests in BETA Technologies to accelerate zero-emission air transportation

Amazon Climate Pledge Fund recipient BETA Technologies is reshaping air transportation with its fully-electric, zero-emission aircraft.

An electrifying collaboration that owes its origins to a pig shed

Brand new electric delivery vans are hitting the road across the UK, and they need to be regularly charged. Find out how hundreds of electric charging stations have been installed at Amazon sites, with the help of a UK-based company that started life in humble beginnings.

Amazon announced issuance of $1B Sustainability Bond

Amazon is issuing a sustainability bond to fund ongoing and new sustainability projects that advance people and the planet.
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