Amazon Academy Invitation with pictures from sellers

Meet the sellers present at the Amazon Academy 2021

SME representatives who sell on Amazon stores will share their experiences with online sales in the panel discussion at the 9th Amazon Academy.
on November 17, 2021
  • Pentagon Sports
    Pictures and logo of Pentagon products
    Pentagon Sports is a young dynamic company that has been selling bicycles, accessories and leisure items over the Internet for more than 10 years. They were recently named by the Financial Times and Statista as one of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe.
  • Sangría Republic
    sangria promo picture (seller)
    Inspired by the world of craft beer and oenology, with trademarked recipes and new flavors the company revives the traditional Spanish sangria, taking it to a whole new level of taste, bringing into it all the joy and fun of the Spanish Fiesta.
    Sangría Republic is Craft, Organic, Vegan, Sparkling and 100% Authentic.
    Sangria Republic is a refreshing and delicious drink that can accompany any meal at any time.
  • Spielwaren Krömer
    Spielwaren - logo and mascot of the seller
    Spielwaren Krömer was founded in 1984 by Sylvia and Jürgen Krömer. Initially as a shop for toys, children's clothing and baby equipment. In 2004 Christian Krömer and Daniel Krömer joined the company adventure. Spielwaren Krömer currently operates 24 toy stores in Bavaria and one online shop and has also been selling via Amazon since 2021.
  • Un Air d'Antan
    Un air d'Antan
    Un Air d'Antan is a French fragrances and toiletries brand inspired by timeless French songs and culture. It started as a family story...
    Once upon a time there was a true love for vintage style and vintage music shared by a couple, parents of 5 children Sophie and Julien.
    Julien, former managing director of some of the most prestigious high-end beauty brands, and his wife Sophie created Un Air d'Antan identity while they were living in the French Riviera, not far away from Grasse. They were then joined by one of their best friends Helene, who had a strong marketing background in prestigious companies. This new trio developed a full body care line from body to hand care. Inspired by the songs of their parents' youth, and in love with the olfactive notes of the Provence area, they created a brand identity inspired by old French songs.
    Quickly, the brand has gained a strong online notoriety across Europe, Canada and USA, becoming "Amazon Choice" on lots of beauty industry segments. The lines are now available also in lots of pharmacies, independent stores and chains.
  • colorano
    Colorano pictures of products produced by this seller (glass jewellery)
    colorano glass art was founded in 2015 by a German physician and glass artist Petra Friedmann. She designs and manufactures her own, colorful glass jewelry consisting of famous Murano glass rods. Petra joined Amazon Handmade very early in 2016. FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) plays a vital role in her business model. Since Amazon is managing the whole logistics process, Petra can focus on designing new, exciting glass jewelry.
    colorano was founded as Petra's side business and with time became so successful, that nowadays she can fully dedicate her time to her online micro business. Petra has been awarded the title of "handmade artist of the month" in July 2021 by
  • Monte Nevado
    Montenevado ham pictures - collage to present the company
    The history of Monte Nevado goes back to a family from the highlands of Segovia, an area exposed to the winds of the nearby snow-capped mountain peaks, with extraordinary climate conditions for curing ham. In the XIX century, after returning from the Spanish-American War, Juan Olmos used the savings from his military pay to purchase a few hundred pigs. The family combined agriculture and a public cereal mill with pig breeding to cure hams and thus launched a saga of master ham artisans.
    In the 1930s, the next generation began to focus more on the ham, equipping the mill with a refrigeration chamber. That’s when the first clients arrived from Madrid, and with them the growth of the company. In 1970 the brand name Monte Nevado was created, noted for its slow and lengthy natural curing processes, which requires the selection of the highest quality hams with greater fat content.
  • Parubi
    Parubi handbags
    The Parubi brand was born in 2016 from the idea of designing and creating small leather products at a cost accessible to all, in order to bring the Made in Italy outside the country through online sales.
    Since the creation of the company, it has won the trust of many customers by offering them quality products and in the meantime ensuring maximum availability, together with a great passion for Fashion.
  • Amazon Academy promo banner presenting the event
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