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International Women's Day

on February 27, 2019
International Women’s Day is a day to reflect and recognize women for their achievements around the world and throughout history. To celebrate this special day under this year's theme #BalanceforBetter, we have put together some profiles of the inspiring women working at Amazon across Europe.
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  • Mariangela
    Country manager for Amazon in Italy & Spain

    “Being diverse means being who you are. And don’t be afraid to be who you are,” told Mariangela as she was having a fireside chat on diversity and inclusion at our EU head office in Luxembourg.

    More on her views on diversity
  • Anne-Marie
    Amazon's France / Luxembourg HR Director

    Anne-Marie also works hard to foster an inclusive culture, where each team brings diverse perspectives to solving problems for customers. “What matters more than diversity is inclusiveness. Diversity is the sum of different backgrounds, social origins, genders and so on. Inclusiveness is how you combine diversity to bring the best outcomes.”

    Read the full article here
  • Pia
    From actress to Amazonian

    She lived in Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, before moving to London to take on her current role: Pia Ambardar is a woman who doesn’t fear change. In her career she has been an investment banker, an actor and an Amazonian. Today, she is sharing her insights about successful career change, working at Amazon and finding professional fulfilment.

    You can find her full story here
  • Adya
    Life at Amazon Finance

    Adya is a Sr. Financial Analyst recruited by Amazon about 3 years ago.
    “Interacting with the business team on all their ideas truly drive changes in Amazon,” she says.
    Adya had very diverse professional experiences in India before beginning a new challenge in Luxembourg. Her role is very close the business, which is not what she expected...

    More about Adya and the Finance team
  • Esra
    Technical Advisor at Amazon EU Retail

    A year ago, she became Technical Advisor to the head of Amazon EU retail.
    “My experience at Amazon is constant learning, I’ve been very lucky to have diverse opportunities working with smart people and very inspiring managers. I’m trying to be the enabler finding the middle ground on how to prioritize certain projects, with a holistic view. Everything we do is about customer at the end of the day and I prioritize based on it.”

    Learn more about her journey
  • Marianna
    The kind face behind the Amazon Locker

    Mark, Silvia, Thomas and Sarah: some of the many friendly faces in our cities and towns who are happy to lend a helping hand. Here are some more hints, this time about their appearance: they are sunshine yellow, compact, shiny and receive your Amazon orders whilst you are busy doing other things. Once you know about them, you can make friends with them one by one. “They are the Amazon Lockers”, laughs Marianna Pietrafesa, a 33-year-old Senior Marketing Manager who works for Amazon Locker and Pickup Point, “Amazon’s self-service collection points are found in strategic locations in cities and towns all over Italy, from supermarkets to banks to petrol stations.”

    More on Marianna's recipe for success
  • Anne
    A new approach to banking

    After the banking crisis of 2008, Anne Boden saw the opportunities offered by new technologies as the key to redefine the relationship between banks and their customers. At 50, she set out to build the bank of the future. Today, her mobile-only Starling Bank serves customers all over the UK thanks to Amazon Web Services.

    Read more about her bank of the future
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  • Esra
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