The image of an Amazon robot, in the shape of a thick disk moving on the ground. Its color is orange and black, the code number is 92113.

5 facts to know about Amazon Robotics

on August 31, 2018
Over the past two decades, we have introduced many innovations and different elements of technology to help us deliver products quickly and reliably, in order to meet our ever-growing customer demand and expectation. "Amazon Robotics" is one of them. This smart transportation system enables automated moving of entire shelves within minutes throughout the day.
  • Fact 1
    Robots make work easier for our employees.
    Thanks to robotics, every product has become mobile. The items are transported directly by robots to the work stations in order to pick up customer orders. Afterwards, the items proceed to further stations to get ready for shipment to the customers. In this regard, man and machine are already working hand in hand at Amazon. It makes work easier for our employees and reduces the extra time spent walking.
  • Fact 2
    Robotics allows us to process orders faster and supports a greater selection of products for customers.
    Robots assist in making the fulfillment centres more efficient at an increased capacity, as they are able to hold more inventory. The technology not only supports a greater selection of products, but also allows us to process orders at a scale faster than ever before. In some cases, we are now capable of processing orders in minutes instead of hours.
  • Fact 3
    Robots do not replace employees.
    Since the launch of Amazon Robotics at our fulfillment centers in 2012, we’ve created around 300,000 jobs worldwide at Amazon. The smart systems support our employees in their tasks. We continue to invest in new logistics centers and jobs.
  • Fact 4
    340 kilograms of weight can be moved by an Amazon robot. The robots move at a speed of approx. 5.5 kilometer/hour and weighs about 145 kilograms.
  • Fact 5
    Amazon robots are created at the headquarters of “Amazon Robotics” in North Reading near Boston, in Massachusetts, USA.
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