Amazon’s innovation impact in Europe

Many of the products and services that Amazon customers use around the world were invented and built right here in Europe. At our first European Innovation Day, we will showcase Amazon’s inventions in Europe and highlight the economic impact from this investment and job creation.

Smart through everyday life: “Alexa, is it raining today?”

Alexa plays music, reads the news, knows the latest football results, the best recipes and memorizes the shopping list. And with Alexa's weather forecast, nobody must stand in the rain. In the video, employees of the Amazon Development Center reveal what is behind Amazon's intelligent everyday assistant.

5 facts to know about Amazon Robotics

Find out how "Amazon Robotics" helps us deliver products quickly and reliably, in order to meet our ever-growing customer demand and expectation.

Introducing Amazon Business in Italy and Spain

Amazon today announced the launch of Amazon Business in Italy and Spain, a new marketplace created to meet the procurement needs of businesses. Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from new business-tailored features, such as free shipping options, VAT-exclusive price display, VAT invoicing for millions of products, multi-user business accounts and the opportunity to reflect internal approval workflows. All of this is in addition to the attractive pricing, biggest selection, and convenience customers love about Amazon.

A look back at 10 years of the Amazon Kindle

A little more than a decade ago, we introduced Kindle, a device and service that together became synonymous with digital reading. Here's how Kindle—and with it, the way people read—has evolved.

How our scientists are making Alexa smarter

Amazon Alexa head scientist shares how his teams are working to improve customers' experiences with Echo devices.

Alexa's newest teacher is you

A team of Amazon linguists and data scientists makes it easy for you to teach your language or dialect to Alexa.

9 women who are shaping the future of voice with Alexa

These female developers and entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Amazon Business comes to the EU

Find out what this Amazon program offers to business customers.

Empowering inventors

Amazon Launchpad announces Kickstarter collection across three European countries
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