A young girl stands in front of a dresser, in front of an Alexa Echo device and small Christmas tree.
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9 ways Alexa brings more fun to the Christmas festive season

Alexa can help make your holidays less stressful and so much more fun—find out how.
on December 20, 2019
From your favorite music to smart home, shopping, and reminders, Alexa can help you in lots of different ways. To share some tips, we've asked lifestyle expert Kelle Hampton to share how her family uses Alexa in their day-to-day lives.

If there's a time to shine, it's the last two months of the year, with cozy gatherings, meaningful traditions, and festivities. Knowing how fast these last weeks fly by, make sure to create room for celebration by calling on Alexa to help make it easier to infuse holiday cheer into your daily life. Technology doesn't have to compete with family connection—it can support it and make more time to do what you love most. Here’s a few ideas of how Alexa can help make your season a bit more festive—and easy.
  1. Alexa, change the subject

    Family dinner conversation getting politically heated? Quick, say, "Alexa, change the subject!"—a lighthearted way to shift the conversation and make the family chuckle. Then entertain the kids after dinner by placing a call to Old Saint Nick with “Alexa, Call Santa” (parental consent required).
  2. Alexa, start the holiday party

    Set up a special holiday routine in your Alexa app to make hosting that much easier. Tailor the routine to your hosting needs and ask Alexa to turn on your favorite holiday music and movies, change the lights' colors, turn on your tree lights and more with one simple request.
  3. Alexa, Drop In on grandma

    Invite far-away family and friends to be part of your traditions by connecting with them via Drop In on your Echo Show. Maybe a grandma reads to Florida kids—and the kids at heart—a bedtime holiday story all the way from New York while the enjoys a little hot cocoa together before bed. Its a meaningful way to make someone part of your family's holiday memories and traditions. Pro tip: Create a personalized holiday greeting card with Alexa Skill Blueprints that you can send virtually to family near and far.
  4. Alexa, start game night

    Break the stress and holiday hustle with some fun. Ask Alexa for some holiday trivia next time your family needs a little break, and see who the takes the trophy for Holiday Champion. Then settle in with a classic holiday movie, like Jack Frost or It’s a Wonderful Life with your Prime membership or FreeTime Unlimited subscription.
  5. Alexa, who is at the front door?

    With a Ring Video Doorbell and Echo or Fire TV devices, you can simply ask Alexa to see who is at the front door and with select devices, you can let them know to come in and head to the kitchen for drinks and snacks.
  6. Alexa, add milk to my shopping list

    There is nothing worse than waking up with a house full of relatives with no milk for your much-needed coffee. Add missing ingredients to your shopping list in real time and check your app while in the store.
  7. Alexa, give me a turkey recipe

    Alexa can’t thaw a turkey by herself just yet but she can help with turkey preparation. Just say, “Alexa, give me a turkey recipe” to get step by step directions.
  8. Alexa, play Christmas music

    Amazon Music is the source for hundreds of Christmas playlists and stations, in addition to new Amazon Original songs from artists including John Legend, Ellie Goulding and more, only on Amazon Music. To fill your house with holiday cheer, just say, “Alexa, play Christmas music,” in the Amazon Music mobile app for iOS and Android, and on all Alexa-enabled devices.
  9. Alexa, set a timer

    Totally exhausted from the delicious food and socializing but don’t want to miss out on shopping?
Happy holidays!
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