A black Amazon Echo dot on a shelf, next to a set of car keys. Books and a green plant are in the background.
Photo by Charlie Schuck

Amazon Device Showcase

Introducing the new line up for Amazon Devices and Services

Introducing our most sustainable devices ever

Today we announced new ways for customers to reduce the energy consumption of their devices, as well as devices with more recycled materials and more sustainable packaging

Alexa makes privacy even easier

At Amazon, privacy is foundational, and core to how we design our devices and services.

A thank you to the heroes working on the frontlines

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with hospitals, schools and community organizations around the world to provide $5 million in Amazon Devices to help those impacted by COVID-19. In Europe, patients in hospitals and care homes are using our tablets to stay in touch with their families. Teachers and schools are using our tablets and Kindle devices to help students continue learning while schools are closed. Community organizations are helping people in isolation by using our devices to provide entertainment and the ability to connect with loved ones.

“Alexa, what shall I do today?”

As we learn to embrace being at home, here are some of the latest updates from Alexa to help with everything from cooking inspiration to fitness to education and more.

Amazon donating $5 million in devices globally

Donations will help healthcare workers, patients, students, and communities impacted by COVID‑19.

Amazon makes it, he breaks it

Inside Amazon’s reliability lab, which ensures Echo, Kindle, and other devices are built to last.

9 ways Alexa brings more fun to the Christmas festive season

Alexa can help make your holidays less stressful and so much more fun—find out how.

"Alexa, play John Legend’s new holiday song"

Listen to John Legend’s new holiday song, featuring vocals by daughter Luna and wife Chrissy Teigen, only on Amazon Music.

"Alexa, happy birthday"

As we celebrate Alexa's fifth birthday, we're looking toward the future.
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