Before the inauguration of our new European Headquarters in Luxembourg, we invited a class of enthusiastic pupils to a behind the scene creative workshop.

The kids were all students from the local Luxembourgish school, Schoul an der Dällt.

They all wore work life jacket as well as a helmet to get ready for the educational tour of the brand new building. They also watched some special animation showing the construction process of the building before they started a guided tour. Afterwards they drew what they had seen and were encouraged to use their imagination. Finally they got a lesson in software development and coding from one of our our InTech experts.

The new offices will welcome more than a thousand Amazonians. At our European HQ, we now have over 2,000 full-time Amazonians, up more than 500 in a year.

We also have a team from Amazon Web Services, Amazon devices like the Echo and Kindle along with support services, such as human resources, legal and finance for our activities.