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Amazon Web Services backs new Swedish water conservation project to protect against flooding, boost water quality and biodiversity

The project near Katrineholm will improve flood-control infrastructure, create wetland habitat, and provide citizens with recreational space for outdoor activities.


How cloud technology is helping migrants stay safe during the pandemic

We spoke to the International Organization for Migration to find out how it’s working with Amazon Web Services to scale up the services it provides to migrants worldwide.

Amazon’s first operational wind farm in Ireland delivers clean energy to the grid

The project in County Cork is Ireland’s first-ever wind farm to be built without public subsidies

Local community buildings in Ireland to be heated by Amazon data centre

Amazon Web Services is working with South Dublin County Council to recycle heat from its data centres.

New Bundesliga Match Fact will showcase the speed on the pitch

Introducing Speed Alert, powered by AWS, the latest advanced insight into football

Amazon announces new project in Ireland as part of commitment to be 100% powered by renewable energy

Clean energy and water conservation projects in Ireland are helping Amazon operate environmentally friendly data centers

Using algorithms against COVID-19

Last winter, as the COVID-19 pandemic rolled towards Europe inexorably, it was clear to Simon Weidert that to fight the virus, researchers worldwide needed to accelerate their data findings drastically.

AWS helps accelerate scientific initiative to predict COVID-19 patients’ trajectory

Italian public-private partnership will use artificial intelligence to forecast which patients are likely to experience acute symptoms, enabling doctors intervene more quickly.

Keeping cloud computing services running

Meet some of the people who ensure our data centers work all year round.

AWS supports record-breaking #EUvsVirus hackathon to tackle COVID-19

The European Commission hackathon and subsequent ‘matchathon’ events resulted in more than 2,235 partnerships with 120 projects designed to help tackle coronavirus and its consequences around the world.
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