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Amazon Academy 2018: Keynote speakers and panelists

Read the full bios of the keynote speakers and panelists at the next Amazon Academy that discusses 21st-century consumer.
on September 04, 2018
  • Keynote Speaker 1
    Frédéric Duval – Vice President Amazon France
    Frédéric Duval, Vice President, Amazon France
    Frédéric Duval manages and is based in Clichy, France.

    Prior to his current role, Frédéric was the head of Finance for Amazon’s European Retail business in Luxembourg and responsible for finance support across all of the Amazon EU sites (UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy); Director of Operations for Logistique SAS and Finance Director for SA.

    Before joining Amazon in 2006, Frédéric successively worked as European Financial Controller, Financial Operations Controller for Europe and Asia and European Logistic Director for Thomson Mutimedia.

    Frédéric graduated from Ecole des Mines of Nancy and completed his Master of Science in Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics at the University of Strathcycle in Scotland.

  • Keynote Speaker 2
    Věra Jourová – Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, European Commission
    Věra Jourová – Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality European Commission
    Věra Jourová is currently European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality. In 2014, before arriving at the European Commission, Ms Jourová held the position of Minister for Regional Development in the Czech Republic.

    Prior to this, from 2006 to 2013, she worked in her own company as an international consultant on European Union funding, and was also involved in consultancy activities in the Western Balkans relating to the European Union Accession.

    She holds a Degree in Law (Mgr.) and a Master’s degree (Mgr.) in the Theory of Culture from the Charles University, Prague.
  • Keynote Speaker 3
    Malcom Pinkerton – Vice President eCommerce and Digital Insights at Kantar Consulting

    Since 2016, Malcolm Pinkerton has been Vice President eCommerce and Digital Insights at Kantar Consulting. Kantar is a global specialist growth consultancy with over 1,000 analysts, thought leaders, software developers and expert consultants, that helps clients develop and execute brand, marketing, retail, sales and shopper strategies to deliver growth. He is an expert in delivering strategic insights and analysis for major consumer goods manufacturers and leading international retailers. His areas of expertise include eCommerce, digital innovation, and omnichannel retailing.
  • Panelist
    Daniel Dalton – European Conservatives and Reformists Group
    Daniel Dalton – European Conservatives and Reformists Group
    Daniel Dalton is a former cricketer who has been a British Member of the European Parliament for West Midlands since January 2015. He is Conservative spokesman for Consumer Affairs, working on the Internal Market Committee, championing a digital future.
  • Panelist
    Richard Piggin – Head of external Affairs at Which?
    Richard Piggin – Head of external Affairs at Which?
    Richard joined Which? in 2013 and is now Head of External Affairs, overseeing all of Which?’s engagement with political, regulatory and corporate stakeholders to achieve positive change for consumers.

    He previously led the organisation’s campaigns on personal finance issues, ranging from pensions to overdrafts, including issuing a super-complaint (a complaint submitted by a designated consumer body) on payment scams in 2016. Prior to Which?, Richard spent seven years working in the voluntary sector for a children’s charity.
  • Panelist
    Eirini Zafeiratou – Director EMEA Public Policy at Amazon
    Eirini Zafeiratou – Vice President EU Public Policy at Amazon Corporate
    Eirini Zafeiratou is the Director of Public Policy, responsible for EMEA public policy at Amazon.

    Prior to joining Amazon, Eirini managed the Brussels representation of the Vodafone Group as the head of EU affairs. She also held various roles in the telecoms industry and was the Director of GSM Europe Brussels, the European interest group of the GSM Association, and legal adviser at ETNO, the fixed telecoms association.

    Eirini is a Greek lawyer trained in European and telecommunication laws from Athens, Greece, and in Saarbrücken University of Saarland, Germany.
  • Panelist
    Irina Cruceru - Attaché, Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU
    Irina Cruceru - Attaché, Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU
    Irina Cruceru has been an Assistant in the Cabinet of the Regional Policy Commissioner since July 2016, after spending 8 years at the European Commission. She now leads on consumer topics for the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU.
  • Speaker
    James Waterworth - Director EU Public Policy, Amazon
    James Waterworth, Director EU Policy, Amazon
    James Waterworth has been Director of EU Public Policy at Amazon since September 2017, after nearly 20 years in the field.
  • Moderator
    Conor Sweeney - Head of Public Relations, Amazon

    Conor Sweeney manages Amazon EU Corporate Communications since March 2015, after 8 years in the Communications field and 13 years as a journalist in Brussels, Moscow and Dublin, with Reuters and other media. He leads Amazon’s European issues Management and Media Relations team.

  • Amazon Seller
    Francesco Morici – CEO Rarezze: Rarità e Prelibatezze
    Francesco Morici – CEO Rarezze: Rarità e Prelibatezze
    Francesco Morici is the CEO of Rarezze, a Sicilian company that offers a wide range of Sicilian delicacies and organic foods. These high standards are certified by the most accredited community organizations. His company has “quality” as a mantra: Their main focus is excellence in every single product they sell
  • Amazon Seller
    Inma Redondo - Online Sales Manager Redondo Iglesias
    Inma Redondo - Online Sales Manager Redondo Iglesias
    Inma Redondo is the Online Sales Manager of Redondo Iglesias, a Spanish family company based in Valencia. They have been dedicated to the elaboration of the traditional Spanish “Jamón Ibérico & Serrano” since 1920. Her company is loyal to tradition, alongside the most advanced technologies in order to meet the highest quality standards, which results in a “Premium” product.

    Born in the millennial generation, at 30 years old, Inma has a double-degree in International Business and Administration from the University of Valencia (Spain) and Euromed Marseille (France). She joined the family business 3.5 years ago after working as a Tax Advisor in Ernst & Young and Deloitte in the UK and Spain. “Our company’s policy is to gain work experience in other companies before joining the family business. This provides you with a wider vision of everything”. After learning about the business working in different departments, she is now responsible for online sales and has found a new formula to commercialize Spanish ham reaching remote corners of Spain and Europe, via Amazon marketplace.
  • Amazon Seller
    Mona Glock – CEO of MixDeinBrot
    Mona Glock – CEO of MixDeinBrot
    Mona Glock is the founder of MixDeinBrot, a German company specialized in organic bread and baking mixes. Her passion for baking comes from her family and was developed during her studies in “Nutrition and Food Science and Technology”. After graduation, she came up with the idea to make bread available for many people, in form of baking mixes. After many baking trials and bread tastings, she created her company in 2015.

  • Amazon Seller
    Nathan Moune & Cecile Moune – Company Manager and International Sales Administrator of Mon Petit Panier

    Nathan Mouné and Cecile Mouné are Company Manager and International sales administrator of Mon Petit Panier, a French company in Marseille (Provence). They create and sell ready-to-use gourmet baskets with local specialties and regional products, focusing on true craftsmanship and quality. The heart of the company’s ethics is tasty recipes with fresh quality products, without the addition of artificial flavors or preservatives.

    Nathan is already a successful business manager, but this new adventure is different. It is more than just business, it is a lifestyle change. A quest for a better healthier approach to food for himself, his family and the widening Mon Petit Panier community.

    Cecile is in charge of developing the commercial model, adapting it to the taste of their neighbouring countries, starting with the U.K. Knowing the British culture well, and especially how the Brits appreciate authentic French food, she is sure this will be an exciting step for the company.
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